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The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet was developed by Dr Sears and is, not surprisingly, based around what is believed to be the bodie's optimum state (or zone) for weight loss. This is the state people are talking about when they refer to being in "the zone."

It may surprise you to learn that the now famous Zone Diet book, originally released in 1995, was not primarily written as a guide to weight loss - as it is now commonly accepted. Dr Sears' main concerne is with health, and therefore the original book was written with cardioligists in mind so they could learn about how to use the powerful properties of common foods as natural treatement for diabetes and heart disease.

A major factor with regard to heart disease and diabities is the bodies production of the hormone: insulin. The unstable production of insulin is also linked to weight related problems such as obesity.

The Zone Diet aims to regulate and stabalise the production of insulin, thereby resulting in improved health that extends far beyond plain weight loss.

People on the Zone Diet commonly find that weight loss takes place at a greater rate than many other common diets. This is in part due to the fact that "crash diets" can further upset and destabalise blood sugar levels.

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How does the Zone Diet work?

The zone diet requires that the dieter eats the right combination of fat, carbohydrates and protein. As The zone diet is simply based around balance and moderation, it should be easy and straight forward for most people to follow.

Atkin's has often been compared with the Zone Diet. This is a fair comparison as, to an extent, the diets do work in similar ways. Both diets work by regulating insulin production. However, the approach that the diets use achieve this goal does differ. Atkins is generally considered to be harsher on the body as the dieter is encouraged to eat high proportions of saturated fat such as animal fat and to also cut out almost all carbohydrates. The Zone Diet on the other hand encourages the dieter to eat healthier fats (unsaturated) and healthier carbohydrates (complex carbs).

For more details about how this diet works, take a look at the Zone Diet details page.

The Zone Diet benefits

The Zone Diet's main benefit is of course believed by many to be the reduction of excess body fat. Besides the obvious benefit of weight loss, the zone diet has many other health related attractions.

On a "normal" every day diet (ie, not the zone diet), relatively vast amounts of refined carbohydrates play havoc with a person's blood sugar levels. The other major benefit of the zone diet is that your blood sugar levels should automatically stabilize. As a result of this, you will find that you have less periods of tiredness. Instead you will feel re-vitalised and enjoy more consistent energy levels throughout the day, making you feel bright and alert.

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